Painting Myths Debunked

Thing to Do before Hiring a Professional Painter

Over the years, there were certain rules of thumb that everyone just did without giving it a second thought. But nowadays ,everybody knows that rules are to be broken, and the same happens in the painting industry.

There is a general believe that small rooms should always be painted in white, while this is in part true, the scale has to do not only with the color but also with the furniture and wall decoration. If you use one or two large pieces of furniture, it will make the room look bigger, you cal also ask for professional advice your painter. Sometimes combining two different colors can give impressive results.

On the other hand, they also say that dark rooms tend to make the room look smaller, this is just half true. Using dark colors also add warmth and dimension to the room, they also add a sense of glamour and sophistication. If you are a creative person, a dark wall can work as the perfect canvas, over which, you can place your master pieces and combine the dark color with lighter furniture.

Some homeowners are scared of mixing patterns and prints when they hire a professional painter. As we said before, rules are to be broken, so feel free to combine different colors, styles and patterns, after all, what is being painted is your house. Use your imagination to play with different styles, there is no need to stick only to one style, you can make every room totally different, and even the style inside the room can vary from one corner to the other.

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